Mice & Rat Control

Urban dwellers sometimes make the mistake of believing that their homes are immune from rat and mice infestations. After all, rodents like field mice most commonly are found in the country and in places like farmhouses. 

However, mice and rats are not deterred by city boundaries and in fact find some of the best shelter available to them in urban environments. You can protect your own Atlanta home from a rodent infestation by learning what problems these creatures cause and what steps you should take to keep them away for good.

Mice and Rodent Invasions

Your clean and cozy home may seem like a less than ideal place for a rodent to take refuge. You do not leave food out, you keep your garbage emptied, and you make sure your home is better suited for humans than animals. 

In reality, mice and rats have no preference for one home over the other when it comes to finding safety from the outdoor elements. The comfort and warmth of your home actually makes these rodents more likely to survive longer and enables them to produce more litters of offspring. Unless you have a cat in the home, these creatures are also well sheltered from natural predators.

Damages Caused by Rodents in Atlanta

The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta note that rodents like Norway and roof rats, well as house and field mice, all of which are common to Georgia, carry with them a host of health risks to you and your family. Some of the diseases that these rodents can transmit through their urine, feces, and fur include:

  • Hantavirus
  • Salmonellosis
  • Tularemia
  • Lassa Fever
  • Plague

If you or someone in your family breathes in dust that contains rodent fecal matter, urine residue, or shedding from their fur and skin, you could become very ill with one of these infections. 

In addition to health issues, rodents also damage your home. They chew through wiring and insulation, increasing the fire risk in your house. They also leave behind messes from their chewing and droppings.

Eliminating Rodent Infestations

When you see signs of rodents or suspect that your home has been invaded by these pests, it is imperative that you get a free evaluation for wildlife removal services. Our professionals who come to your home will identify the rodents and find out where they are entering your home. They also will use safe and effective methods to eliminate them.

Your home should be a sanctuary for you and your family instead of a safe haven for pests. Control rodents today by getting your free wildlife removal estimate today.