Bat Control & Removal

Bats may be ugly and scary, but they are an essential part of the environment. Because bats consume a large amount of insects, they help to keep the insect population under control; however, when bats swarm, you may be bothered by noise and the droppings that are left behind. These droppings, or guano, add up and emit a vile aroma. As they decompose, they become susceptible to fungus growth. The presence of fungus brings numerous health concerns, especially for people with breathing problems.

In the state of Georgia, bats are protected. This means it is against the law to kill them or disrupt female colonies throughout the designated breeding season, which begins in May and runs until the middle of August. However, depending on the situation, it is possible to remove the bats during this period. Professionals can determine whether the colony is male, if babies are not present, if bats are in the living space or if the problem poses a threat to humans. Under these circumstances, the bats can be removed. Males and females roost separately. Male colonies are commonly smaller in number than female colonies. Baby bats may take up to one month to develop, so it is important to provide an exit when they gain the ability to fly.

When a nest is discovered, it is necessary to carefully remove the bats and their feces. The safest way to ensure the job is done effectively is to hire a professional pest control company. At Skyline Pest Solutions, we specialize in bat control for homes and businesses and use a special exclusion process to keep you safe.

To protect a structure from bats, it is important to repair entryways and treat roosting sites. Bats can enter a structure through extremely small spaces. The first step of our exclusion process involves an inspection of the area for tiny holes and crevices in the structure. A common misconception is bats cannot chew. This is not accurate. They can chew; however, their mouths are so small they can’t chew through materials to create entry points, so caulking or spray foaming the gaps will keep them away. During our exclusion process, we will install metal screens and valves at entry points so bats can exit, but not reenter.  Within a week, we return to make sure all the bats are gone, to remove the valves, and to finish repairing open entries. 

When the bats are eliminated, it is time to clean up the affected spaces. We understand guano may have accumulated into thick layers or piles. To eliminate the terrible smell and prevent fungus growth, we remove the mess and sanitize the area. The guano produces an ammonia-like smell that gets worse in warm weather. Hot Atlanta summers will become a nightmare if the droppings are not properly cleaned. Guano can create an environment that is susceptible for fungal diseases to grow. For instance, histoplasmosis is a respiratory illness linked to bat droppings that can be fatal to small children and the elderly population. 

To protect your home or business from a bat infestation, consider seeking help from Skyline Pest Solutions. Our team of experts will provide exclusion services so that your problems are resolved. Bats will leave your area and establish a new place to roost nearby. For a free bat control estimate, call us today.