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Perhaps one of the most annoying sounds in the entire world (besides fingernails on a chalkboard) is that high-pitched whining buzz of a mosquito somewhere near your ear! In warmer months, they can drive even the hardiest outdoor enthusiast indoors, and greatly diminish a homeowner’s enjoyment of their own backyard. Their nightly hunt for a blood meal make us their very unwilling hosts, and leave us with those unsightly, itching welts wherever they stop for a quick snack.

After a rain, mosquito eggs deposited previously hatch into larva. The larva are called “wigglers” for obvious reasons. If you have ever examined a standing pool of water that has been still for a few days you will observe hundreds of them wiggling around. Within 7 days of the moisture activating the eggs, adult mosquitoes emerge. Their first order of business is to find a blood meal which is required so that they can reproduce. During the morning and the heat of the day the adults rest in shaded areas – bushes, tall grass, the underside of decks, trees, awnings, roof overhangs – anywhere there is protection from direct sunlight. In the early hours of evening they emerge and begin the search for their victims.

Nuisance factor aside, mosquitoes in fact can be a very dangerous health risk. Their bites can carry with them serious diseases such as Encephalitis and West Nile Virus, and even our pets may be susceptible. Take back your yard, and protect the health of your family, with a mosquito control program from Skyline Pest Solutions.

Skyline’s Mosquito Reduction Program

Skyline will utilize a multi-faceted approach to eliminate current populations, as well as controlling future problems. Our ongoing Mosquito Reduction Program is most effective during the months of April through October.

Your state-certified Skyline Pest Specialist will work with you to:

  1. Inspect and identify potential breeding sites
  2. Breeding sites that cannot be eliminated will be treated to eradicate mosquito larvae
  3. All mosquito “resting” areas will be treated, targeting the adult mosquito population
  4. Finally, your pest specialist will educate you to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment and keep mosquitoes out of your yard.

Ongoing Protection

Skyline Pest Solutions has a cost-effective monthly treatment plan during the highest-risk months of the year, to make sure that you can enjoy your outdoor space all summer long.

Special Event Treatments

Got a party or other special outdoor event planned? Call Skyline Pest Solutions to have us treat your entire yard to make sure that the only guests at your party are the ones you invite!


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